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How to optimize EDI flows management: a success story from the automotive sector




Baomarc Automotive Solutions is a company based in the province of Turin, part of the BAOWU Group, world leader in the production of steel and components for the automotive industry and a reference supplier of the most important brands in the sector.

In order to optimize the exchanges already managed in EDI with its main Italian and international customers, Baomarc has started searching for a new solution, by addressing Generix Group.

It is now well known that the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers of the automotive market are facing an increasing  intense pressure from the customer companies, which must be able to count on an after-sales service at the highest quality levels, with answers in "record" time.

At the end of the software selection process, the Piedmont-based OEM chose TradeXpress from Generix Group, which has been used for over 20 years by some of the world's most demanding companies to manage large volumes of highly critical data flows (hundred thousand files per day).


In a very easy and intuitive digital way, TradeXpress ensures the real-time monitoring of transmissions in emission and reception. Functionally, its scope is much broader than a classic EDI: for example, it is possible to manage in a more structured way end-to-end visibility of the supply chain and the configuration of alerts in case of abnormal or missing events.

To complete the project, it was also planned to integrate a solution developed on Salesforce CRM which, by automating the management of technical support tickets, speeds up their handling and resolution.

Thanks to TradeXpress, Baomarc is now able to respond more quickly and efficiently to critical issues in the automotive sector. 

Elena Prepelita
Information & Communication Technologies Manager
Baomarc Automotive Solutions
"We are very satisfied with the 360° support that Generix Group is providing us for our EDI optimization project, which is strategic for us. The consultative and collaborative approach of Generix has been always strong since the first steps of the roll-out of the new EDI solution and was fully confirmed during the implementation: Generix took full responsibility for customer relationship management, which on the one hand relieved Baomarc of onerous tasks that are not part of our core business and, on the other hand, obviously speeded up the migration to the new solution. Even after the official launch, Generix's support in day-to-day operations has proven to be up to our expectations, with problem-solving interventions that are always conducted in full compliance with the agreed upon SLAs."
Elena Prepelita
Information & Communication Technologies Manager
Baomarc Automotive Solutions
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