Blue Streak Electronics

A Rapid Deployment Solution for a Rapidly Growing Manufacturer



Company Overview

Blue Streak Electronics is an innovative North American supplier of quality remanufactured electronics & diagnostic solutions to vehicle manufacturers and AutoCare customers.

With offices in Canada, the US, Mexico and Israel, Blue Streak has been meeting the needs of the North American AutoCare AfterMarket since 1987. Their main distribution center is in San Diego, California. 

Project overview

  • Originally managed the US operation through a 3PL provider 
  • Vast dealer network and rapidly expanding e-commerce business set high expectations for service excellency 
  • Ensuring exceptional inventory management and quality control required bringing the distribution operations in house 
  • Blue Streak chose to cut ties with their 3PL provider 
  • Less than 4 months were left to build and open the new distribution center in San Diego, California 
  • The short deadline included selecting and implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) - rapid deployment and ease of configuration being paramount 


Generix Group's role

  • Provided replacement for the 3PL and automated operations in the new warehouse 
  • Offered real-time inventory visibility 
  • Met the needs for a highly configurable and function rich platform 
  • Demonstrated optimized workflows 
  • Featured the Solochain Back-Office project management system built into the WMS solution for real-time task management & transparency 
  • Had a proven track-record integrating with Microsoft Dynamics Nav ERP system Blue Streak used 
  • Supported integration with ProShip, a small parcels solution 


The benefits achieved through the implementation of these solutions
Blue Streak doubled the output capacity, therefore supporting their subsequent growth initiatives.

Significant month to month operational performance gains.
Provided better order and inventory accuracy in line with the Blue Streak e-commerce growth.

The Blue Streak’s tight deadline for the solution implementation was met by the Generix team.
The Blue Streak team and the dedicated Generix team were aligned with each other and focused on the project resulting in a swift delivery.

Latest project management tools and methodology contributed to the rapid deployment, a key success factor for the project.
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