Browns Shoes

A Flexible WMS that Meet Every Requirement

Browns Shoes is a family-owned business established in Montreal in 1940. Browns shoes is a shoe fashion retailer with 50 stores across the country under the Browns and B2 banners.

Retail and consumer goods


Company Overview

Browns Shoes is a family-owned business founded in Montreal in 1940. Browns Shoes is a fashion footwear ­retailer with 50 stores established across the country under the Browns and B2 banners.


  • Browns uses a very customer-centric approach. The goal is to improve the customer ­experience to generate an increase in revenue
  • The retailer needs to manage three warehouses at full capacity
  • Their highly automated distribution center requires the development of numerous ­custom processes
  • Most of the retail stores are located in malls and have access to limited floor space: they ­require a system that can maximize the use of that space to reduce costs and increase revenue
  • Browns needed a solution that was flexible enough to handle the highly frequent changes inherent to a retail business. The solution also had to be compatible with the KNAP system



  • Provide accurate real-time visibility on the inventory
  • Provide accurate real-time visibility on operations
  • Improve operational productivity
  • Optimize inventory management to ensure stock rotation (FIFO)
  • Optimize space utilization
  • Increase customer order accuracy
  • Leverage the use of the latest barcode technology to interface with Browns’ ERP system
  • Provide a flexible solution that can adapt to Browns’ specific needs and evolve along with them
  • Implement a system that is customizable and scalable
  • Have the ability to handle stock requests and outgoing shipments
  • Finally, provide an easy way to implement new ideas and facilitate the timely execution of those ideas


  • Browns is now able to develop new processes in record time.
  • Browns has met all its requirements for the management of its facilities.
  • It is now possible to process an order from the time of the order confirmation online through to the outgoing email with tracking information in less than 15 minutes, without human intervention.
  • The cost of fulfilling orders is now five times less than previously.
  • Browns is now able to manage individual store inventories and supply them with the most ­popular products in their respective area.
  • The solution ensures that the goods meet the carrier on time and accurately.
  • Traceability has been enhanced: Inventory accuracy has exceeded 99% after six months.
  • Inventory and shipping accuracy are now at 99%. By eradicating errors, the solution has ­eliminated the need to update customers on any mistake.



Alexandre Hubert
Solochain has the flexibility to adapt to every customer's needs without having the spend a lot on customization
Alexandre Hubert

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