Building Materials Distributor

A distributor of choice for construction contractors

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Company overview

Over the last decades, the company has become a distributor of choice for construction contractors. The company has a distribution center covering over 2 million square feet. Thousands of different products are distributed, and hundreds of orders are processed daily. The distributor uses a fleet of about 100 trucks to fulfill its daily orders.


  • A large distribution center with several expansion projects underway
  • A large fleet of trucks loaded at night and sent to deliver materials to construction sites in the morning
  • The right materials need to be delivered to the right place, due to the number of orders and a wide range of products, this represents a major challenge in the construction industry


  • Enabling full inventory visibility
  • Reduced headcount required for warehouse operations
  • Optimized trucks movement and loading operations
  • Increased accuracy in order picking
  • Increased control over building materials leaving the site
  • Optimization of the distribution center space
  • Interacting with the ERP to obtain all supplier and customer orders on a regular basis
  • Management of product files, sites, location, receptions, movements in the warehouse, returns and UPS interfaces


  • Trucks are now able to deliver quickly and orders rarely contain errors, improving the efficiency of the delivery system and construction sites
  • Delivery errors have been reduced to less than 1%, an improvement for the distributor and an excellent indicator in the building materials industry
  • The quality of service is greatly improved
  • GPS tracking of trucks increases the number of deliveries made
  • Ability to serve a constantly growing customer base