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Food industry
January 4, 2023

Capsa Food Spain

A TMS for efficient freight rate management and much more

Use Case

The GEOMER project

For CAPSA FOOD, transport is a key element in its activity, since the requirements of its products are demanding in terms of preservation and complex in everything related to its distribution, especially in the Spanish and European framework.

Precisely to manage the transport of its products, in 2015 CAPSA FOOD launched GEOMER, its own company that was born with the aim of optimizing its logistics management. Two years before the creation of GEOMER, in 2013, CAPSA FOOD decided to implement the Transport Management Software (TMS) of Generix.

The good results obtained by the TMS in the area of Asturias, the birthplace of the company and with a complicated geography for transport, has served as a test bench for the implementation of the system in other areas of the country, such as the areas of Barcelona and Madrid, to which it will soon be extended.

The implementation is planned to be carried out in two phases. The first phase will be applicable to transport management and, later on, a second phase will be carried out in which the optimisation of the routes themselves will be promoted.

"With Generix TMS you sleep better knowing that the carrier saw your load and accepted it, as well as having scale entry control which also gives you peace of mind". Adrián Fariña Transport Manager CAPSA FOOD

The project in details

Operational innovation

One of the special features of this project has been the creation of a digital portal for contracting part of the transport by reverse auction. This is a modality that allows the company not only to contract transport at advantageous prices, but also to select suitable carriers that can later be incorporated into the team of those who already have an established commitment with the company.

Benefits obtained by CAPSA FOOD

  • Optimisation of the goods.
  • Handling of the truck’s volume.
  • Determination of more suitable routes, with less km and more efficient.
  • A great improvement in the management of contracting, which has allowed the client to obtain the best transport rates at all times.
  • As a final result, a remarkable increase in transport profits.

The role of Generix

The Generix TMS solution is used by some of the largest transport companies in Spain such as DHL, Salvesen Logística, Campofrío…

In the case of CAPSA FOOD, they started working with the transport management and optimization solution in 2013. Since then, the collaboration with the client has been very close, to the point that Generix has helped in the creation of the GEOMER project by managing the transport management operations.

Key figures

  • 1M€ Saved in 1 year
  • 70.000 Pallets/month
  • 40.000 Trucks/year
  • 4% Cost reduction

They are using our solutions

Find the full description of the solutions presented in this case study

"With Generix TMS you sleep better knowing that the carrier saw your load and accepted it, as well as having scale entry control which also gives you peace of mind".

Adrián Fariña
Transport Manager, CAPSA FOOD

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