Convenience Store Chain

A Large Convenience Store Retailer: From Paper-based to Paperless

Retail and consumer goods


Company Overview

The customer was a large convenience store retailer serving locations across the Northeast. The retailer operates from a 400,000 sq.ft. distribution center on the outskirts of Boston. Generix Group Partner LIDD Consultants were invited to implement the SOLOCHAIN WMS.



  • Operating a paper-based distribution center 
  • Many existing practices involved significant amounts of clerical work and verification 
  • A flexible, highly configurable solution
  • Many activities in the warehouse would be eliminated through data automation  and the use of paperless technology
  • A WMS configured to match planned features and fully integrated into the ERP
  • Well-trained end-users: just before the go-live, LIDD conducted a training program for end-users. The program began within a virtual warehouse created in a conference room and proceeded to on-the-floor training. Together, the team implemented a trouble-shooting triage and escalation system.
  • A smooth Go-Live during a low-shipping period before the start of the busy summer season
  • The client shipped all orders during the first week the WMS was live
  • Six weeks post Go-Live, shipping errors went from 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 5,000
  • Labor productivity increased by 15%
  • After 12 months of running the WMS, the client felt comfortable with the inventory cycle program and phased out physical inventories