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Transport & Logistics
January 4, 2023

FM Logistic Russia

chooses Generix Group with SaaS business model to conquer the perishable goods market

Use Case

About the client

FM Logistic owns 520,000 m2 of warehousing space from Moscow to Vladivostok (based on 2014 figures), with an ideal location for road and rail transport, providing optimal conditions for the company’s successful growth in Russia. The logistics operator provides its international clients with a full range of logistics services: warehousing, transport, copacking and customs clearance.

Strategic objective

Since June 2013, FM Logistic Russia has been operating in the food sector, meeting the needs of the sector’s main distributors and providing them with temperature-controlled temporary storage and transportation services.

With the acquisition in 2013 of Univeg Logistics (now FM Fresh), a company specialising in the logistics of fresh, perishable products, FM Logistic continued its growth strategy and among its strategic objectives was to strengthen its position in this sector.

The project in details

The flexibility of a SaaS solution

Given the growth prospects of this new division, we rely on a flexible, reliable, comprehensive and easy-to-implement warehouse management solution. The choice of GCS WMS proved to be the most advantageous,” notes Christophe Menivar.

Thus, FM Logistic once again puts its trust in the Generix Group, in cooperation with which it is already working with customers such as Auchan (Russia, Poland), and chooses the GCS WMS in SaaS for FM Fresh, complete with the GCS KPIs Cockpit solution. The flexibility of this warehouse management system allows adaptation

business model to the realities of practice and changes in business operations. In recent months, FM Logistic has been managing perishable product activities for Atak Russia (about 451,000 production order preparation lines per month) and for O’Key.

I am proud that Generix Group can now offer the entire process available in Cloud across Russia. Our offering is unique and does not depend on the number of platforms in operation, their geographical location or the number of users. Designed to adapt to market realities, it contributes to the flexibility of supply chain management information systems, which in turn enables business growth and flexibility,” announced Jean-Charles Deconninck, Chairman of Generix Group.

In addition to providing efficient solutions, Generix Group offers a robust partnership based on a commitment to deploying a system solution for all our customers. It is an operator that will help us grow. And that is no small advantage,” stresses Christophe Menivar.

Generix WMS based on SaaS

Generix SaaS based WMS (formerly called GCS WMS) serves to adapt to the type of business and peculiarities of each enterprise due to its modularity and powerful choice of parameters. Due to its ability to adapt and efficiently handle warehouse flows regardless of item type, GCS WMS is mainly designed for multi-channel distributors, e-shop owners (pure player), industrialists and logistics service providers.

GCS KPIs Cockpit — a decision-making tool

It includes a set of indicators to facilitate inventory control and analysis and help improve operational efficiency. Organisation, development opportunities, investment choices, training and model changes are part of a set of indicators that represent ways for supply chain actors to improve strategically.

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