GHP Group

Increasing the order processing volume to allow for strong business growth



Company Overview

GHP Group, Inc. manufactures ­electric fireplaces, fireplace glass doors, ­fireplace accessories, electric log sets, portable heating products and ­barbeque grill products.

It offers fireplace products, which include wood burning stoves, wall mounts and log storage racks; heater products, such as kerosene forced air ­products, gas forced air products, cabinet ­heaters, ­indoor kerosene heaters, gas ­convection ­heaters, tank top ­heaters and gas ­radiant heaters; and grill products.

It sells its products through home ­centers, hardware stores, and Internet retailers in North America. The company was incorporated in 2003 and is based in Niles, Illinois.

  • GHP’s business is growing, which is set to place additional stress on an already ­challenged operational footprint
  • The order intake process for e-fulfillment of customer online orders was highly manual and time-consuming
  • The inventory allocation process was manually controlled prior to releasing the orders to the floor
  • RF equipment was not supported in the current environment
  • Shipping labels and packing slips had to printed in advance of order fulfillment
  • There was a delay before received materials could be made available for sale, due to the fact that shipping charges had to be obtained before posting the receipt
  • No ability to process cross-dock transactions
  • No ability to batch pick orders and stage by order or item number 
  • GHP received up to 8,000 orders a day in the spring. These could take up to four days to process
  • Provide complete real time visibility on the supply chain inventory
  • Reduce the number of resources required to perform logistics operations
  • The solution had to eliminate the requirement to download labels and packing slips from Amazon for DC orders and offer the capability to print the labels in-house as needed
With Solochain, the processing of 8,000 orders now takes three to four hours
GHP is therefore able to process more orders, therefore generating more business
The company was also able to maintain its entire business at the same level during the Covid-19 crisis
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