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Brief introduction to the logistics of identification

ID Logistics is an international contract logistics group, with revenues of €1,534 million in 2019. It has more than 320 facilities in 18 countries, reaching 5.8 million sqm of warehouse space in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, with 21,000 employees. With a balanced portfolio of customers in sectors such as retail, industrial, retail selection, healthcare and e-commerce, among others, ID Logistics offers technology solutions committed to sustainability.

Alfonso ROSA
Logistics Identification Center Director
ID Logistics
"The benefits that the Generix warehouse management system brings us are essential and tangible. At the operational level, it allows us to automate processes. Moreover, visualizing data in real time allows us to be much quicker when it comes to solving any type of problem or incident we may encounter. Finally, being able to work with a partner like Generix Group who knows all the technologies helps us to improve and support the customer as his needs change, and even more so in an online business like this one where you can quickly get sidelined.
Alfonso ROSA
Logistics Identification Center Director
ID Logistics

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The project in details

ID Logistics set up this arrangement for Mediamarkt in 2017, primarily meeting its online sales needs. That is, from its logistics platform, they manage the bulk of the retailer's web sales in Spain. 

ID Logistics and Mediamarkt have learned together and adapted to a market as fickle and tense as e-commerce, where you have to constantly try to adapt to improve and not be left behind. During this time, both parties, as partners, have evolved and adapted to both the increased volumes (especially during the months of containment due to the Covid-19 pandemic) and the process changes that have been necessary.

The device Mediamarkt
Why did you start looking for a warehouse management system?

At ID Logistics, we had to meet such demanding needs as those of the e-commerce department, which is constantly evolving operationally. We were looking for a WMS that would be able to adapt to the changes requested by our customers and cover the different operational processes. The warehouse management software would allow us to automate and optimize the daily processes in our warehouses, minimizing human errors and increasing the reliability of the service and therefore the image of our company. 

We were also looking for a system that would store all the data and give us real time information about it so that we would know about any problem as soon as possible in order to react appropriately. This would definitely promote good service to our customers. 

Why did you choose Generix ?

We were looking for a robust WMS for the operation of our client Mediamarkt, which is continuously growing not only in volume but also in technological innovations. So we needed a company that was an expert in this type of supply chain tool and could provide us with solutions and agile responses to potential business problems or improvements.

We found all this in Generix, a company that has been working with ID Logistics since we started.

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