Il Gigante

Chooses WMS Generix to run the logistics of the dark store serving e-commerce

Mass-market retailing


Summary of the project
Il Gigante, one of the leading mass market retailers in Northern Italy and a specialist in fresh food, has renewed its trust in Generix Group's supply chain solutions and has chosen its WMS using SaaS (Software as a Service) to manage the logistics of its new e-commerce channel, launched at the end of March 2017.
The value that Generix adds to the project
Managing the make-up of highly heterogeneous orders: with WMS Generix it is possible to analyze their contents, direct them to different preparation methods and thus assemble them into single shipping units for final customers.
WMS Generix manages order preparation of products packed inside the dark store, while for products of variable weights the solution integrates data received from scales in the neighboring retail outlet.
Full integration with the e-commerce portal, on one side, and with tools for preparing variable weight products and for collecting the goods, on the other side: 10 interfaces developed and 4 systems integrated.
Consulting services on e-commerce logistics processes.

Key figures

Modèle click-and-collect, 10 points de retrait au cours des 10 premiers mois
Gestion et préparation de produits frais à poids variable
Intégration applicative avancée
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The project in details

1st axe

Creation of a dark store, an ad-hoc warehouse exclusively serving the on-line sales channel. Thanks to this, Il Gigante has achieved more efficient stock management and aims to reduce stock-outs to zero.

2nd axe

Advanced e-commerce just like in the shops, fresh products cut, weighed and packaged on request can be bought also on-line.  These have always been the brand's flagship products.

3rd axe

Click-and-collect method, with goods ordered on the e-commerce portal and collected from defined pick-up points: 10 pick-up points.

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