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The Generix WMS warehouse management system allows them to "pilot" different types of warehouses and platforms with the same solution.

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Context of the Lactalis project

For the LACTALIS group it was important to have a solution that supports the warehouse globally, able to adapt to the legislative framework within each country since the Lactalis group has a worldwide presence of more than 260 factories and a turnover of more than 20 million €.  

In Spain it has a network of 8 factories and 1 logistics platform to sell and market all categories of the dairy sector (cheese, drinking milk, milkshakes, yoghurts and dairy desserts, cream, butter) with leading brands such as Président, Puleva, Galbani, El Ventero and La Lechera.  

Lactalis annually collects 20,000 million litres of the 3 species (cow, sheep and goat), of which 1,028 million litres are collected from the 2,300 livestock farmers who collaborate in Spain, most of them family farms spread over almost all the autonomous communities. 

The project in details

Implemented Solutions

For Lactalis it was essential to have unified processes that allow them to correctly manage the different expiry dates of their batches and the different agreements with their customers in this regard. This would allow them to increase productivity and reduce the percentage of returns due to breach of contract significantly. 

Quality is a very significant subject within the operational flow of Lactalis, being closely interconnected in each of the phases of its product cycle and being a key pillar of its strategy at warehouse level. 

The Generix WMS warehouse management system allows you to "pilot" the different types of warehouses and platforms with the same solution regardless of whether they are manual, automated, warehouses within a factory, external, your own or a third party. 

Likewise, the WMS helps to preserve in time the manufacturing traditions and the artisan know-how so representative in brands such as "Don Bernardo" or "Flor de Esgueva". 

In addition, thanks to the WMS warehouse management system, they can have an automated management and a clear view of the warehouse: 

  • Production stock 
  • Human and material resources 
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