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Reny Picot in a nutshell

Reny Picot is one of the largest companies in the dairy products sector in Spain. It currently ranks fourth in its sector in terms of turnover. 

Highly specialised in processed products, the company Industrias Lácteas Asturianas, owner of the trade name, needed to optimise its response capacity by means of a warehouse management system that would provide its centres in Anleo, La Polesa and Zamora with new technology and do so quickly and with minimum impact on work. In order to improve reliability, traceability and stock management, the warehouses have been equipped with new technology by re-engineering the logistics processes to move from a manual system to a radiofrequency system, which allows the use of manual scanners.  

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The project in details

The dairy warehouse

In addition to the needs common to any warehouse in terms of stock reliability, handling efficiency and optimisation of product management, the dairy sector has very special requirements in terms of product turnover rates, production batch control, traceability, expiry date contracts, etc. that add additional demands to your warehouse management system. 

The Generix WMS solution was chosen by Reny Picot for its robustness and reliability, as it is complete and versatile, with modules that adapt to changing needs. The Generix warehouse management system does not become obsolete, it evolves, which gives it a versatility in the face of change and a durability that makes it a very cost-effective choice. 

Generix, experts in the dairy sector

Four of the five largest operators in the dairy sector use Generix WMS, which is perfectly adapted to large-scale distribution and has a great deal of experience in the specific needs of these companies. Generix's experience gives them a good understanding of the specific problems and processes of this type of customer, which was undoubtedly also seen as an advantage by Reny Picot

In addition, the Generix WMS solution covers the entire supply chain of the company since the logistics operator of Industrias Lácteas Asturianas, Guttrans, has also implemented this solution. 

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