A Sauce Manufacturer

Condiment and Sauce Manufacturer



About the company

A US based food manufacturer making a variety of sauces. The company operates out of three separate facilities in the same region – one stores raw materials, one houses production, and one stores finished goods for shipping.

Generix Group Partner LIDD Consultants were invited to implement the SOLOCHAIN WMS. 

Project overview
  •  Limited storage space in the production facility 
  • Raw materials and finished goods had to be moved in and out just-in-time. 
  • Difficulty to efficiently ship out orders and manage inventory transfers between the buildings 
  • Need for automation 


Generix Group's role
  • A flexible, highly configurable solution 
  • Manufacturing shop floor tracking capability, as an extension of the WMS 
  • The WMS to be first implemented in the shipping area followed by the receiving area 
  • The WMS + MES solution to be then implemented in the manufacturing facilities 
  • The solution to be implemented by LIDD using agile methodology 
  • Increased independence of workers and reduced time for tasks  
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which serves as an ERP 


The benefits achieved through the implementation of these solutions
Smooth go-live executed during low volume period

The transition period was carefully managed with the resources necessary to be successful

The team saw immediate improvements in the operations and were able to meet just-in-time customer needs

The staff now processes components in real-time and tracks the finished goods inventory as the items exit the production line
Employees at the dock now generate shipping documents automatically and manage internal transfers quickly

Picking efficiency and accuracy increased for outbound orders, and the system now directs truckload sequencing while allowing recall capabilities for components and finish goods
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