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About the company

SFM provides customized go-to-market solutions to global brands within the audiovisual, live entertainment, and media production industries.

In addition to traditional wholesale distribution services, we offer an array of enhanced services designed to help our suppliers and customers achieve their full market potential. SFM operates 50,500 sq. ft. warehouse and stores over 12,000 SKUs and 100,000 more through special ordering.

LIDD team of consultants oversaw the WMS integration and implementation. 

The SFM project overview
  • Operational Gaps making the same day shipping promise challenging 
  • High annual growth of 20% since 2009 and, therefore, a need to ship a growing number of orders the same day the order is processed 
  • Difficulty scaling even after having doubled the number of workers on the floor 
  • Slow order picking, crowded warehouse space by workers, crowded receiving bay and packing stations at capacity 
  • Inaccurate inventory counts taking a month instead of a weekend followed by an unsatisfactory reconciliation 


Generix Group's role
  • LIDD identifies the causes of low productivity and concludes that contrary to the perception on the warehouse floor the warehouse is large enough to support business needs 
  • LIDD to implement the Tier 1 Generix Solochain WMS and integrate it with SFM systems such as ERP (JDE) 
  • The WMS will streamline SFM’s processes and to drastically improve their productivity levels 
  • Inbound Processes, Putaway, Picking tasks and Replenishment tasks will be optimized through the WMS automations 
  • The TMS ProShip is fully integrated with Solochain by LIDD’s team
The benefits achieved through the implementation of these solutions
3 weeks after Solochain is launched, SFM’s operation surpasses all previsions and KPIs  
Same Day Shipping promise is maintained ensuring SFM’s competitive advantage is kept
Flawless Go-Live session

Productivity surpassing industry standards only 3 weeks after the Go-Live
Ships at an average of 30 order lines/hour — the industry standard for excellence is 21 lines/hour
Items make it from dock to stock in 87 minutes on average. 
Picklines are now picked at a rate of 19.3 per hour, well above the productivity levels benchmarks of 16.2 lines/hour 

With Solochain & Proship, SFM now ships close to 99% of their order lines on the same day 

The distributor’s shipping error ratio has been brought down to 0.017% 
Le taux d'erreur d'expédition du distributeur a été ramené à 0,017%.
SFM maintains granular visibility on inventory at all times, with inventory accuracy of 99.6%

A part of future growth will now come from a new 3PL operation dedicated to the distribution of Pro Audio & Pro Visual equipment from major manufacturers – due to Solochain

Solochain helped maintain productivity levels during Covid’s warehouse restrictions demonstrating the resiliency of SFM’s supply chain
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