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Food industry
January 23, 2024


A Potato Story at the Heart of Digital Flows

Use Case

Agristo manages the entire production chain, from the producer to distribution, ensuring fast deliveries and great flexibility to meet its customers’ demands. By deploying high-quality technology and advanced automation, it can also provide quality services.

Their product, the potato, motivates Agristo every day to continuously improve and innovate to satisfy their customers.

Key Figures

  • 1,200 Employees
  • 850,000 Tons of Finished Products/Year 130 Countries
  • 140,000 Messages/Year Project in Detail

To meet the growing demand from its customers and reduce manual operations, Agristo decided to automate its processes with Generix EDI Services in 2008.

The migration from the initially licensed solution was done as Software as a Service (SaaS) in 2021. This way, Agristo was completely freed from infrastructure and security concerns. Thanks to the SaaS solution, they always have the latest platform updates and can better utilize Generix Group’s support services. It also makes it easier to establish new collaborations with partners.

Currently, Generix Group’s EDI software is implemented at 65 of Agristo’s clients, 15 suppliers, and 4 transporters across 27 countries. In 2022, 140,000 messages were sent via EDI.

Generix Solutions

  • EDI Software: Electronic Data Interchange
  • TradeXpress Software

Michiel Vanhauwaert ICT Applications Expert, Supply Chain/Logistics Agristo

It’s the quality of exchanges and the consultants’ listening skills that have led us to collaborate with Generix Group for many years. Generix’s EDI solution helps us, as a leading company, automate and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market”.

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Use Case
Food industry


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Use Case
Food industry

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