Moves ahead with the distribution of spare parts and launches pro service with Generix's WMS



The PRO Service project at a glance

Volkswagen's new strategy for the sale of original spare parts, PRO Service, is born with a priory objective. "ZERO mistakes" To this end, the agility and service requirements of the workshops were taken into consideration, such that it is predicted that in the next two years, PRO Service will have 41 interlinked warehouses throughout Spain, which will make it possible for any of their 845,000 group vehicle parts to be delivered within 2 hours, depending on the route, and with a goal of up to 4 deliveries per day.

The automotive company's firm belief in the system is evidenced by its forecast that it will call on 400 professionals for this service, of whom fifteen engineers, to assist the repair technicians. 

We are standing before a change in the distribution model for part which, without a doubt, will require the support of a technology partner to provide a solution for this innovative distribution strategy in the automotive sector.  

Generix's Role

Volkswagen has placed its trust in Generix for their WMS for its robustness and reliability and demonstrated by being fully operational in more than 1,100 warehouses in 30 countries. 

Generix's vast experience has made it possible to design warehouse flows, while optimising warehouse flows depending on the product and end customer. 

This WMS  is integrated in the client's ERP to rapidly and securely integrate every type of orders managed in PRO Service. 

Likewise, this connectivity allows Volkswagen to get confirmation in real time for both buy and sell orders, as well as the adjustments performed in the warehouses, and a complete stock view.

At the operations' level, Generix's WMS has allowed PRO Service to:

 To design better logistics processed based on the requirements of each order, client and part, both in receiving and preparation of orders. 

 To design the warehouses with dynamic picking management and optimised location according to product turnover and size. 

 Automated planning of order preparation based on blow (urgent, stock and display). 

 Increase in service quality thanks to the internal controls performed by the WMS in the various system processes. 

 Reliability of warehouse stock thanks to rotating inventories and continuous counting during preparation

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Benefits obtained by Volkswagen
Control of the entire parts of the supply chain
Better quality assurance for the end customer
Optimised warehouse use
Optimised service times
Reduction in inventory shortages
Simplification in the network
In addition, the system makes it possible to identify parts using the vehicle frame number and replace it without mistakes, including replacing it with another part with a more advanced level of technology where such exists.
Innovative distribution and sales strategy for original spare parts
41 interlinked warehouses throughout spain
Distribution of 845,000 products
Deliveries within 2 hours and up to 4 times a day
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