Enabling Warehousing Resiliency

Post Pandemic Forward Thinking


Top Challenges in the Warehouse

Inaccurate Inventory

When inventory isn’t accurate, you lose crucial time. Not knowing where the stock resides contributes to both lost stock and overstock situations.

Inefficient Picking

Lost time in transit can add up to substantial setbacks, as a minute here and minute there can lead to days of lost productivity per year.


This is usually the number one cause of delays in a warehouse, which means that you should spend more time on organizing your floor than anything else.

Labour Shortage

With lacking enough staff to keep up with orders, manual-driven facilities easily fall behind, and existing staff are stretched too thin.

Optimizing Space Utilization

As SKU variations & inventory volumes grow, particularly during peak seasons, how do you allocate space as workloads vary and shift?

Lack of Integration

Accessing & reporting all your data from different systems wastes time, creates inefficiency and does not provide real-time information.



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Post-Pandemic Impacts on the DC & How to Ensure Resiliency

Synopsis: As the coronavirus outbreak has spread, unprecedented challenges have arisen in distribution centers all over the world. Extraordinary measures have been taken to keep goods and services moving. The need to quickly develop and adopt new capabilities that ensure long-term resiliency is now firmly on everyone’s minds.

Exclusive Webinars Series - meet our speakers

Product Marketing Director
Doug Mefford is a 25+ year veteran in the Supply Chain industry. His diverse background includes roles across many operational functions from inventory control to operational leadership within an Omni Channel distribution operation. Additionally, within the software space he has held roles including quality and business analyst, design lead and product management. He brings his cross functional experience in supply chain operations and software product delivery to bear in helping define the direction for Generix Group North America’s Solochain WMS.
Pre Sales Engineer
Ann Yates is a Pre-Sales Engineer for the Solochain Warehouse Management System, by Generix Group North America. With 25 years’ experience managing complex projects in the distribution, retail and manufacturing industry, Ann has utilized her expertise in warehouse management to perform operational reviews, manage WMS implementations, and define warehouse best practices.

Forward Thinking Articles

As 2020 winds down, the supply chain sector has begun to analyze what works and what doesn’t in pursuit of a new set of best practices and methodologies that meet the needs of this new normal.

It is from this philosophy that we have written over the last few months, numerous articles about the enablement of resiliency in your business and your supply chain. 

In developing a resiliency plan, you might find valuable guidance by reading these articles.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire your organization to become better prepared in facing future waves of the pandemic and any other challenges the future may bring.