[Dossier] Essentials of transportation management

Published on 14 April 2020

essentials of transportation management
Isabelle Badoc
Product Marketing Manager
Supply Chain

At a time when customer expectations regarding delivery are boundless, logistics plays a key role in daily operations. As a result, transportation management requires furthering efficiency, strategy, and pragmatism. With a plethora of logistics management challenges entering the midst—such as workflow acceleration, global exchange, and cost reduction—what growth drivers can be harnessed to better meet consumer expectations, and what can be done to update management models? In the articles below, Generix Group experts provide answers to these questions.

Multimodal Transportation vs. The Challenges of Internationalization

As exchanges have become increasingly globalized, the transportation sector has become more interactive than ever before. This does, however, present challenges, as accelerated traveler and goods workflows require supply chain players to rethink their strategy. How can supply, demand and compliance find harmony through regulation? In today’s world, multimodal transportation offers an ingenious solution to the issue. In this article, Generix Group discusses this innovative method, which is revolutionizing logistics services. 

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[Infographic] Reducing Transportation Costs: the Main Challenges to Overcome

Quite a few players in the logistics chain are asking themselves how transportation costs can be reduced, and a handful of larger companies have managed to increase sales margins and save on up to a quarter of the costs in their budget. The secret: optimized transportation management. This approach may seem simple in theory, but it requires that loaders make a multitude of changes to their logistics model and implement specific tools. Generix Group experts explain in detail. 

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How Can You Cut Costs With a TMS? 

Logistics resource optimization offers a competitive edge both in manufacturing and wholesale distribution. To increase the money they save, companies are increasingly adopting Transport Management Systems (or TMSs for short). In what ways does this type of solution help better manage cost optimization? What impact does it have on profitability and customer satisfaction? Generix Group has the answers.

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[Guide] What to Look for When Choosing a TMS

Are you interested in implementing a TMS? Before you get started, be sure you have chosen the solution best suited to your company’s needs. To do so, it is imperative to author specifications clearly listing your expectations. Generix Group published a white paper specifically for professionals in need of consultancy and support when making this decision. 

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Logistics is being transformed at the rate that new challenges and innovative solutions are entering the sector. In this context, TMS solutions are starting to become veritable catalysts for change, solutions capable of improving transportation management and optimal mastery of workflows. Want to learn more? Take a look at Generix Group’s TMS solution.