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June 7, 2022

EDI: what advantages will my company have in 2022?

As a dematerialization solution widely deployed internationally, EDI is an essential lever for abolishing borders and stimulating B2B exchanges. In its modern approach, in the form of a SaaS service, EDI has become a formidable productivity and agility tool that is decisive for businesses. Explanations.


EDI is not an IT project. The number one objective must remain the satisfaction of business users; EDI is above all a productivity and efficiency tool. Relying on a SaaS solution allows you to externalize all the technical issues related to IT exchanges between companies. Businesses can focus on tasks that are of real business interest and not waste time solving problems with file formats or lost data.

According to a study carried out by Best Practices for Generix Group, the use of EDI in SaaS allows to better satisfy the business departments, to rationalize exchanges, to improve data quality and to manage obsolescence for more than 70% of the companies questioned.

A dematerialization and automation tool

Generix EDI Services, which is part of the Generix Supply Chain Hub SaaS offer, ensures data exchanges between companies, but also delivers multiple additional services, such as transformations of very different data formats or translations of EDI messages to the market’s main ERP systems. Connectors are used to automate these exchanges between heterogeneous systems.

Moreover, Generix Group implements its customers’ best practices on its SaaS platform, enabling all its customers to modernize their processes thanks to the most innovative uses. In addition, a player like Generix Group ensures the availability of its platform 24/7, with facilities tailored to cope with load peaks and whose cybersecurity is ensured by the best experts in the field.

A pragmatic way to access new technologies

The Cloud and in particular SaaS applications is an extremely efficient and fast way to adopt new technologies. This modern outsourcing mode avoids long development projects with the costs and risks associated with the implementation of new technologies. The editor makes the innovations available on its platform: the company is free to adopt them. Thus, if it wishes, it can modernize its information system and benefit from advanced technologies, involving Big Data, Blockchain or APIs without prohibitive development costs.

A SaaS solution such as Generix EDI Services is frequently updated to benefit from the latest technological advances. It is constantly realigned with regulations and the latest developments in B2B exchange standards.

Pay-per-use invoicing of SaaS services brings a great budget predictability and allows in many cases to reduce the overall TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of a software.

How to choose your SaaS EDI solution

Opting for a SaaS solution to manage EDI exchanges is nowadays the most relevant choice and more and more companies are now engaged in a “Move to Cloud” strategy. However, not all SaaS EDI services are equal. In particular, you need to make sure that the solution is compatible with the main exchange protocols. Generix EDI Services supports around thirty different protocols, including the EBICS banking exchange protocol, EDIINT (EDI via INTernet) AS2, the technical protocols FTPS, SFTP, JMS/AMQP, Web Services, SAP’s ALE interface and many others.

As EDI exchanges are becoming more and more international, it is necessary to evaluate the capacity of the SaaS service editor to communicate with all B2B operators and EDI Value Added Networks on the whole planet. Generix EDI Services has 200 active interconnections, enabling the SaaS service to exchange data with 50 countries.

A single point of entry for all B2B exchanges

Outsourcing all the technical issues to a SaaS solution such as Generix EDI Services will enable business units to focus on higher value-added tasks. It also creates a single entry point between the information system and all the company’s B2B partners. This approach saves considerable time when referring a new supplier or customer. Whatever its size, its level of technical maturity with regard to EDI, its internal technological choices, but also its location, it will be possible to connect it quickly. This approach brings greater agility to the business and shortens the “Time to Market” while controlling costs. EDI has never been so modern as it is now accessible from the Cloud!

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