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B2B Collaboration
December 7, 2017

[Video] generix tradexpress: Valmet automotive’s success story

Valmet Automotive is a Finnish automobile manufacturer based in Uusikaupunki. To manage its relationships with its business partners, the company uses TradeXpress by Generix Group. How did the implementation go? How has it bettered the multi-company collaboration? All the answers in a video.


Opting for TradeXpress for enhanced multi-company collaboration

Valmet Automotive, a leading service provider for the automotive industry, provides engineering, manufacturing and consulting services with expertise in a variety of vehicles. Since 2002, the company has been using TradeXpress, developed by Generix Group, to manage EDI/B2B connections with its customers and suppliers.

5 obstacles to overcome for successful B2B integration

As ICT manager Petri Nieminen explains :

“In the automotive industry, production levels have increased together with product complexity. This requires more and more business partners to communicate with. With Generix’s solution, we have been able to fulfill any integration scenario”.

A complete dashboard implemented by Edimaster

TradeXpress provides companies with a single integration platform that manages all integration projects: EDI, B2B, MFT, ETL, etc. The platform also integrates a tool for digitizing invoices and a portal for B2B collaboration, and will reduce your project costs and implementation times by one half to three fourths. An agile and pragmatic response to interface projects and multi-company collaboration!

Digital transformation: Start by digitizing your data!

However, to achieve maximum benefits, Valmet Automotive teamed up with the integrator Edimaster, an active partner of Generix Group. Olli-Pekka Pauna, leading consultant at Edimaster, affirms, “We have been installing and implementing at Valmet Automotive the TradeXpress software and all its connections with the important business partners (suppliers and customers)”.

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