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April 6, 2022

Transport time and costs: the 4 advantages of the Generix solutions

Determining the customer experience, delivery is also one of the most complex and expensive items to manage for a company. Generix Supply Chain Hub, with its numerous functionalities, allows you to remedy this situation: its ecosystem of applications enables you to significantly reduce your transport delays and limit their cost.


1. Optimize route management from the warehouse

Starting from the very heart of the warehouse, the management of delivery rounds is an essential issue to guarantee customer satisfaction, both for shippers and logistics providers. In this respect, the WMS – Warehouse Management solution is a guarantee of more agile and efficient logistics. With this warehouse operations management system, you can optimize truck loading and, ultimately, warehouse organization and planning of logistics missions.

9 out of 10 companies have undertaken a process of automation and mechanization of storage areas to speed up the management of orders and deliveries.1

Thanks to the Generix WMS (Warehouse Management System) solution, you can take advantage of many essential features to better manage your docks and rounds:

  • automation of warehouse missions (task assignment, order form printing, customer alert, etc.);
  • precise knowledge of the transport plan to adapt operations in real time;
  • Personalization of the display of delivery rounds (expected delivery time, expected shipping time, etc.);
  • Reliable and instantaneous information on dock occupancy and related information (availability zones, tasks in progress, etc.);
  • More efficient order preparation through resource optimization and better control of pickers;
  • Synchronization of warehouse operations with dock operations (carrier arrivals and departures).

2. Get a better view of your transportation costs

Before considering reducing expenses related to deliveries, you need to know the cost. As a complement to the WMS, the TMS – Transport Software solution helps you to make the most appropriate choices in terms of chartering and loading. But, above all, this transport management system allows you to better analyze your activity and to benefit from precise reports on the cost of the delivery function.

On average, only 80% of the overall cost of delivery is borne by customers, with the rest being borne by the seller1.

Depending on the company’s objectives and situation, this tool can be used to :

  • Determine the distribution of costs between the different items (carrier, logistics, etc.);
  • Compare actual and budgeted expenses;
  • Effectively allocate transportation costs to the appropriate line items (selling price, shipping costs, etc.);
  • Monitor transportation cost trends;
  • Simulate new delivery strategies.

3. Make the best transportation choices

In order to optimize delivery times and reduce costs, the company must also be able to make the right decisions at the right time, especially when it comes to choosing a carrier for example. Used together, Generix Group’s WMS and TMS solutions enable you to adapt your strategic and operational decisions in real time thanks to fast and accurate information feedback.

73% of French consumers believe that flexibility in the choice of delivery options is an essential criterion for selecting a vendor (reservation of a slot, same-day delivery, etc.).2

While optimizing transport costs in the Covid-19 era is more essential than ever, Generix Group tools can help you :

  • select the best transport offer, especially according to the customer’s needs;
  • optimize loading plans by reducing empty transport;
  • automate the distribution of orders in various means of transport in order to respect the commitments made (deadline, place of delivery, etc.), while reducing the cost of transport;
  • receive alerts in case of hazards in order to react as quickly as possible.

4. Adopt an ecosystem dedicated to your supply chain

The multiplication of tools used for logistics management can also be detrimental to the company’s performance in terms of transport, particularly due to a lack of complementarity. With the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform, you have access to a complete ecosystem composed of several modules that integrate perfectly with each other to optimize your supply chain.

WMS – Warehouse management: as we have already mentioned, this software allows you to set up all your warehouse operations, but also to better manage your stocks.

TMS – Transport software: an essential management system to make the best chartering choices and have a clear vision of your transport costs.

YMS – Yard Management: with this collaborative tool, you can synchronize operations within the warehouse more efficiently according to the actual situation (loading, unloading, incident, etc.).

Data Power – Data analysis: thanks to the data collected by your other modules (WMS, TMS, etc.), this tool offers you a precise analysis of the activity and provides you with quantified reports, which are essential for relevant decision-making.

OMS – Order Management: an order management system that allows you to manage the delivery commitment by optimizing the life cycle of an order from start to finish (order reception, data processing, stock update, etc.).

The Generix Driver application To complete its ecosystem of transport management solutions and to meet companies’ needs ever better, Generix Group is launching an application for drivers in summer 2022. Its role? To allow drivers to be actors of the delivery, in particular by sharing transport data and by being able to update customer information.

You want to optimize your delivery times and costs? Discover Generix Supply Chain Hub

1Capgemini study: “last mile” delivery – Capgemini Research Institute – 2019 2E-commerce Delivery 2020/2021 Overview – Sendcloud – 2020

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