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September 29, 2021

Generix Group enhances its Invoice Services offer with Account Payable Automation

Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems, operator in the electronic invoicing market for 25 years, enriches its e-Invoicing service thanks to Generix AP Automation allowing the complete automation of the supplier purchase invoice processing process.

Press release

While regulations are multiplying worldwide in favor of electronic invoicing, Generix Group now offers a unique solution, thanks to the new features offered with AP Automation, to dematerialize invoices, manage regulatory compliance in 60 countries and automate all supplier accounting operations. In addition, Generix AP Automation supports the digital transformation of supplier invoicing processes by improving their efficiency and resilience in the current health crisis context.

Generix AP Automation offers many benefits. Among other things, we observe savings of 7 to 10 euros per incoming invoice, depending on the company, due to the reduction in processing costs, cycle time, and errors and fraud. In addition, we have noted improvements in financial margins, more reliable audits and reporting, as well as a reduction in procurement risks. These improvements enrich Generix’s existing e-invoicing offer.

We believe it is strategic for our customers to have a complete and seamless platform that avoids multiple investments, multiple interfaces and risks of cycle breakage, while facilitating the deployment of the solution to users and suppliers. This is now possible thanks to our complete e-invoicing platform, which also comes with multiple innovations, such as: artificial intelligence, machine self-learning, RPA, or analytics that ensure a continuous improvement of performances, for the user organizations’ benefit“, says Christophe VIRY, Product Marketing Director at Generix Group.

Generix AP Automation brings the following innovations to its users: • Management of non-structured invoices using a cloud OCR and Machine Learning • User configuration of reconciliation rules and validation workflows according to the organization, purchasing policy, expenses, or tolerances • Automatic reconciliation of invoices with orders, receipts or even commercial contracts and payment plans • Detection and qualification of all types of discrepancies: prices, quantities, type of service, duplicates, identity of third parties, bank details, etc. • Approval system orchestrating the actions of users and suppliers to validate invoices, resolve disputes and make payments • Management of Early Payment Discount programs to optimize cash management and automate payments End-to-end analytical monitoring of performance and problems at each stage of the cycle: automatic extraction, validation, disputes, financing, etc…

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Generix Group enhances its Invoice Services offer with Account Payable Automation

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