The Portuguese IT and Electronics distributor JP Sá Couto goes forward with Generix WMS to improve the performance of its Supply Chain

Posted on 08 April 2021
Supply Chain

Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems, was selected by JP Sá Couto, the largest company of, to implement its Warehouse Management System (WMS) and support the Group’s digitalization process and Supply Chain performance. The project has already started, is expected to last nine months, and will allow JP Sá Couto to optimize its logistics operations.

JP Sá Couto, a Portuguese company with an international presence working mainly within the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, challenged Generix Group to find a scalable, flexible solution that would serve the need of optimization of its warehouse management. With a diverse portfolio of businesses across Distribution, Education, IT Services, and Investments, JP Sá Couto main objective in undertaking this project is the improvement of its Supply Chain performance by implementing a WMS system that can automate its logistics operations.

The implementation project: automation and collaboration at the heart

The WMS project implementation in SaaS model is expected to last nine months before the system is completely operational. This solution will allow JP Sá Couto to automate and control its existing processes more effectively, engage in the automation and elimination of unproductive tasks, as well as integrate with partners, and collaborate with suppliers. In addition, implementing the TradeXpress tool will allow JP Sá Couto to integrate its data and connect with the company’s various information systems. The solution provided by Generix will also include a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to monitor key processes remotely and in real time.

During a highly unpredictable year, companies faced deep changes to their work practices, and this impacted processes, sales channels, and the entire value chain. Therefore, 2021 will be a crucial year for accelerating the transformation”, says Pedro Gordo, Supply Chain Business Manager at Generix Group. “The challenge set by JP Sá Couto, not only demonstrates the resilience of our Portuguese market, but also the importance of investing in information technologies, which translates into greater productivity. The implementation of a Warehouse Management System is particularly important to meet changes in the value chain and market demand.

Technology and the digital transformation of processes and operations are fundamental to this improvement process, as indeed they have been over the past year. Being able to use a reliable, complete, and communicative Warehouse Management solution that can be implemented quickly, represents a significant advantage for our project”, says Ivone Queiroz, Operations Director at jp.di, Technology Distribution Business Unit of JP Sá Couto. “After start-up, and in the short-term, the objective is a significant improvement in overall productivity with operators concentrating more on control and less on execution. In the medium and long term, both Generix Group and JP Sá Couto, expect to reap more benefits from the constant improvement of existing logistics processes, an advantage that is leveraged by the high flexibility and functional coverage of Generix WMS.

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