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March 22, 2022

Logikfred, 3PL freezing specialist, chooses Generix Group's WMS solution

Logikfred, a 3PL operator linked to the Argelich Transports group, a family business offering national and international transport and logistics services, is going to deploy, in its freezing warehouse, the WMS of Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems.

Press release

Logikfred is a 3PL specializing in deep-freezing, one of the most demanding segments of the logistics world. To serve this market, the company has an extraordinary infrastructure that includes five large freezing tunnels at -40°and nine storage rooms at -22°, capable of holding up to 33,000 pallets. Based in Lleida, Spain, Logikfred also offers dry warehouses for goods destined for freezing or not requiring cold treatment.

The growth in the number of the company’s customers, the need for integration with their systems, as well as the important constraints of the products they handle, led the company to take into consideration the adoption of a new and more efficient WMS solution capable of inter-communicating easily with the most common ERPs, this need is becoming increasingly present in the logistics world.

After a period of gathering information and defining precise needs, Logikfred will finally implement Generix’s warehouse management solution (WMS), which will provide it with a robustness that has been proven for decades in operators of all sizes and sectors and which facilitates interconnection with ERP systems. The Generix solution will increase agility, efficiency, real-time inventory control and maximum service quality, which is the company’s commitment to its customers.

The Generix WMS solution will be perfectly complemented by the Generix YMS (Yard Management System) which will also be deployed by Logikfred to manage warehouse yard.

We are proud to add another 3PL like Logikfred in our customer portfolio. More and more 3PL are realizing how essential it is to digitize their warehouse processes in order to be more responsive to their customers’ needs“, explains Philippe DUCELLIER, Managing Director Spain at Generix Group. “On the other hand, by adopting our SaaS solutions, Logikfred will avoid expenses in periods of low activity, while retaining the full capacity to offer its services in periods of high demand.

"Thanks to Generix, we have found a powerful and quality tool in the warehouse management system. The tool also has a great capacity to evolve and adapt, allowing us to connect and automate our warehouses and fleet management, to integrate our management systems in real time with those of our customers. With this change, we hope to complete a transformation that will allow us to be more agile, more efficient and more responsive to the current demands of our environment"

Xavier Argelich
General Manager, Logikfred

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Logikfred, 3PL freezing specialist, chooses Generix Group's WMS solution

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