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Mass-market Retailing
January 4, 2023


Consolidates its small suppliers’ stocks and makes 40% savings on transport costs of flows handled in this way

Use Case

About Carrefour

For several years, Carrefour has been developing an innovative and collaborative distribution platform, called a Consolidation and Collaboration Centre (CCC).

To help small industrial firms meet delivery timeframes and reduce the overall cost of distribution to stores, it has put pooled logistics based on consolidation warehouses operated by service providers. Each industrial firm delivers to one or two sites instead of around ten, as was previously the case. The volume of goods loaded is thus increased, the supplier has a better lorry fill rate and delivery frequency is higher. The result is higher availability of goods on the shop shelf.

Installed solution

For reasons of consistency and to simplify things for its suppliers, the company opted for a single management solution for all service providers operating the CCC: WMS by Generix Group. The industrial firms communicate and work in the same way with all sites. To manage their stocks in the CCC, the industrial firms benefit from the functionalities of one of the most well-known WMS on the market, a powerful reordering calculation tool and a Web portal to track goods.Transactions are made via the Web portal or via standard EDI.

All players benefit

  • Around 25% less CO² emissions per pallet.
  •  17% increase of vehicle loads.
  •  40% less transport costs per pallet.
  •  20% less handling costs per pallet.

They are using our solutions

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Use Case
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Use Case
Food industry

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