Doubles its warehouse production capacity and reduces its stock

Retail and consumer goods


About Conforama

Conforama is a subsidiary of the PPR group and number two in the sale of household equipment. It operates 239 stores, of which 181 in France. To guarantee a good level of profitability and customer satisfaction with rapidly available products, Conforama uses the most advanced computing solutions for Supply Chain management from Generix Group. The company is thus able to meet the logistics challenges of e-commerce to deliver to shoppers who order on the website. 

Installed solution

The supplier relationship depends on an internet portal, where information on sales is swapped and goods’ flows are managed. 

The WMS guarantees the operation of six logistics sites, and has led to production of the historical warehouse doubling: “The site of Châtres now produces twice as much as it used to. GCS WMS has allowed us to significantly increase our production”, stated Thierry Quaranta, Director of Supply development projects for Conforama. 

Benefits obtained

The Cross Docking process gradually enabled the changeover from a storage approach to a flow management one, drastically reducing the financial burden and risks related to the storage of goods. 

TMS is used to handle high growth in deliveries, requiring automated transport management and cost control.Thanks to better visibility of operations and to measuring performance, efficient and lasting optimisation actions were initiated. 

Key figures

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