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Feuvert reinforces its loyalty strategy with Generix



Feuvert in a nutshell

Feu Vert, Europe's leading car equipment and maintenance company, decided to reinforce its digital strategy with Generix Group's range of cross-channel sales solutions and marketing platform. 

Feu Vert is one of the leading car equipment and maintenance companies in Europe, with nearly 450 car centres across the continent and 6 million customers, of which 1.5 million have a loyalty card. Under the slogan "Your car in good hands", Feu Vert developed new synergies between its e-commerce website and its physical centres, improving the customer experience.  

Key figures

The project in details

Context of the Feuvert project

Feu Vert began the deployment of its cross-channel digital strategy in all its branches and franchises. With its website receiving 15 million visitors a year, the digital channel represented an incredible opportunity to grow its business in the highly competitive automotive industry. 

In light of these results, the automotive company introduced a new service at the end of 2013, whereby all products purchased online, including tyres, would be available within two hours at a physical centre for collection. 

It is this logistical capability that makes Feu Vert stand out from the competition, with a value-added service that offers an enhanced customer experience through online sales. 

Feuvert is aware of the importance of being accessible through all possible channels, and how this presence can increase its sales. For this reason, it aims to provide its customers with the support and guidance they need regardless of the point of entry. 

Today, consumers have access to a wealth of information and their main concerns are speed and cost. Feu Vert firmly believes that the key to developing consumer loyalty is to understand the consumer's buying habits and therefore wanted to get a clear picture of their customers' buying habits in order to develop a loyalty programme (coupons, special offers, etc.) 

Chosen solution

Generix Group has been part of Feu Vert's digital strategy, helping the brand to manage its sales across multiple channels. The Generix Omnichanel Sales solution is a cross-channel platform developed specifically for the retail sector. It connects to the existing administrative area (CRM, ERP, BI, etc.) to execute promotional actions in real time and in a unified way, 

loyalty and sales actions in all the customer service applications (cash desk, web, physical locations, mobile, social networks, etc.), allowing retailers to carry out promotional, loyalty and sales actions in real time and in an efficient way. 

The results are already visible with promising figures.


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