Rolls out a B2B portal with its non-EDI suppliers

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To continue the roll-out of its B2B processes with its suppliers, FNAC now proposes a supplier portal. This new service completes the B2B/EDI Gateway GCI TradeXpress by Generix Group, used to swap data with suppliers.
This B2B portal does away with paper for the main supply and invoicing processes, including:
Acknowledgement of receipt of orders,
The dispatch note,
Warehouse management and return of goods,
Sharing information regarding sales,
All this is done via a simple browser on the supplier’s side
Thanks to this B2B portal, these processes have now been rolled out for new products, such as CDs, technical products and hobbies, and the number of collaborative processes with suppliers already equipped with EDI has increased.

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The portal, launched in 2008, counts around 200 suppliers.It was developed by Generix Group, which is also in charge of operating it via its On Demand service.
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