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The Cache Cache Group optimises the logistics management of its 680 shops in China thanks to the Generix warehouse management system.

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Beaumanoir Group's project

The Beaumanoir Group, optimises its entire commercial activity, both its e-commerce operations and those of its more than 680 shops in China, with the Generix warehouse management system. 

With the Generix warehouse management solution (WMS), they are able to control all their warehouse flows in real time, optimise their entire supply chain and meet the general visibility requirements of their logistics suppliers. 

Tom Huan
Tom Huan
Warehouse Operations Manager
Beaumanoir Group China
"Beaumanoir Group has 680 shops in China. This represents several thousand multichannel consumers that we must deal with as efficiently as possible.
But, in a country as vast as China, this efficiency requires a logistics system to be optimal. That is why we wanted to equip our Chinese warehouse with logistics tools that could handle multiple channel flows. Before, we had too much stock, which made it difficult to manage. We were losing efficiency and accuracy. Picking orders were printed, warehousing required manual allocation of stock positions in the systems. In other words, if we moved inventory, we had a problem. Generix WMS solved all our problems. That's why, if someone asked me, I would recommend it without hesitation."
Tom Huan
Warehouse Operations Manager
Beaumanoir Group China

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The project in details

Some functionalities of Generix WMS
  • Automatic execution of sloting optimisation to maximise storage space. 
  • Automatic management of storage rules to facilitate the work of operators and reduce storage delays. 
  • Execution of order scheduling
  • Multiple products from several orders are picked simultaneously on the same route. 
  • Radio frequency equipment with checking functions ensures the accuracy of the shipment.  

With this warehouse management system, you meet the needs of your logistics platform, both in receiving and in storage, and can locate stock positions precisely, quickly and conveniently.  

The elogistics module of Generix WMS enables the warehouse to meet the requirements of e-consumers. 

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