Oliveira & Irmão

Implements EDI technology

Retail and consumer goods


Project Background

Oliveira & Irmão is a company specialised in the manufacture of plastic flushing systems and components for ceramic flushing systems. 

In order to meet the expectations of its client AKI, Oliveira & Irmão was looking for an EDI solution for electronic document exchange. 

Project objectives and expectations for the solution

Oliveira & Irmão was looking for a solution which would allow direct integration with its system of managing, receiving and sending of shipping notices and electronic invoices. In a second phase, Oliveira & Irmão decided to expand the implementation of this system to its community of clients and suppliers. In the project for suppliers, the message "delivery note" was added to allow prior identification of the goods that will be received at the warehouse. 

Solution implemented

When it came to implement the EDI project, the Oliveira & Irmão company opted for NetIXClient and SynchroLink. 

NetIXClient is a secure connection solution that uses the Internet and/or secure networks for the exchange of data among companies. 

SynchroLink is a solution for management and control of internal and external electronic exchanges that permits the following operations: 

 EDI: X12, Edifact, Galia/Odette, Gencod, Inovert, Tradacom, VDA, etc. 

 B2B: simple files or files with separators, documents such as ASCII, CSV, XML, EANUCC, ebXML, XML-BASDA, XML-XCBL, XML-UB L, etc. 

 Database: extracting and integrating data from and to MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc. 

 ERP: connector linking SynchroLink to the management solution 

Rui Lima
IT Manager
Oliveira & Irmão
"Generix's solution has allowed us to streamline processes, whilst reducing processing time and errors. We would like to point out its reliability and flexibility – demonstrated in the adaptations to communicate with partners without an EDI system – and the promptness of Generix Group's assistance whenever requested. We are certain that our generalised use of these tools in our relationships with our partners will afford us new productivity gains,"
Rui Lima
IT Manager
Oliveira & Irmão
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EDI Benefits
The Project involving clients and suppliers is integrated in the EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – solutions, installed by the Generix Group.
Its advantages allow for closer-knit relationship with clients and suppliers, improving the quality of the company's services, by reducing manual data processing, elimination errors, digitalising processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
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