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Delivers fillable dough products internationally thanks to Generix EDI Services

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Short Presentation of Pidy

It all started over 50 years ago in a small Belgian pastry shop in Ypres, Belgium. Due to the huge success and to be able to meet the high demand, the pastry chef decided to produce his quality bouchées/puff pastries on a large scale, pre-baked and ready to fill. Thus, in November 1967, the company Pidy was founded.

Due to the great passion of the founder and subsequent generations, they still continue to strive every day for perfection and innovation of their products, from puff pastry, shortbread to choux pastry. Their 'spirit' is based on passion, quality, customer satisfaction and support. More than 300 quality products in different shapes and sizes, colors and flavors represent today the range in more than 60 countries. From sweet and neutral to Bio, Gluten Free, Veggie and Vegan.

For many years, the Pidy brand has been committed to the environment. The production process of the products is part of a sustainable and respectful approach. The sourcing of ingredients is mainly local, the selected packaging and trays are recyclable and mainly also from recycled materials. Pidy is environmentally conscious.

Jonathan Planckaert
Group IT/SAP Manager
Pidy Gourmet
"Thanks to smooth communication between our internal teams and Generix Group, we were able to optimize the process of automating messages with our customers. EDI is being used more and more and we see in Generix the ideal partner to work with, now and in the future."
Jonathan Planckaert
Group IT/SAP Manager
Pidy Gourmet

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The project in details

Due to the growth of the company over the years, Pidy was forced to optimize their processes. For electronic data exchange with their customers, EDI is the platform of choice to avoid mistakes and save time.

To meet Pidy's demand, Generix EDI Services was implemented in SaaS (Software as a Service). Any type of message can be set up with all types of Pidy's customers, which provides great flexibility given Pidy's international nature.

Currently, Generix Group's EDI software has been implemented with 64 of Pidy's customers across Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the UK. In 2021, more than 10,000 messages were sent via EDI.

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