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December 30, 2023

TLS launches E-Commerce Services with SOLOCHAIN WMS

Supply Chain Efficiency with SOLOCHAIN WMS

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Generix Group, a global provider of collaborative SaaS Software solutions for the Supply Chain, industrial, and retail ecosystems launches e-commerce services with SOLOCHAIN Warehouase Management System (WMS) for TLS. The company solidifies its position as a best-of-class 3PL partner, offering its clients services that meet their distribution needs, while adapting to market trends and laying the foundation for future business offerings.

TLS is a Canadian buy-sell distributor in the consumer packaged goods industry. Emblem Logistics Inc. is a TLS-owned subsidiary, which operates as a third-party logistics company. Emblem operates a 600,000 sq ft distribution center (DC) in Brampton, Ontario, serving a variety of retailers, manufacturers and distributors, such as Tim Hortons, Post, Tetley, Bush, SunnyD, and many other prominent national brands and private label organizations. Emblem provides its customers complete visibility on their sales, inventory and promotional funds, allowing them to effectively develop and grow their brands. The 3PL offers specific services such as customs warehousing, hazardous goods, refrigerated goods and pre-refrigerated goods storage, in addition to offering the comprehensive logistical support required by its customers, including pick, pack and ship to end customers, and even return management. Emblem now offers its clients a direct-to-consumer in-house solution to distribute products nationwide. The 3PL, as an established vendor with major online retailers, has an in-house team dedicated to e-commerce management and offers detailed reporting insights to enable decision making. Emblem ensures perfect inventory management and provides quality services that respect their clients’ commitment made to their customers.


With the exploding popularity of e-commerce’s in recent years, Emblem Logistics saw many brands faced with an issue: how to respond to the customer’s ever-increasing expectations.

This entails delivering orders quickly, ensuring 99% order accuracy and communicating efficiently with customers throughout the process. With SOLOCHAIN WMS already in place, fully supporting case picking, an activity inherent to e-commerce, TLS Emblem was perfectly positioned to fulfill orders rapidly, leaving the end customer greatly satisfied. As e-commerce continues to grow quickly, and distribution operations leaders seek to safeguard their growth through digital transformation, Emblem is positioned at the forefront of the 3PL industry.


SOLOCHAIN’s flexible WMS platform allowed Emblem to enter the direct-to-consumer market quickly and to scale based on their business needs. With more and more companies selling products directly to end customers, Emblem was able to quickly adapt to changing needs and to process orders using real-time data from the SOLOCHAIN WMS solution.

SOLOCHAIN WMS enables companies to track and trace inventory, and to manage their workforce, all with real-time visibility, while automating a greater workflow throughput thanks to advanced business rules. This highly flexible and adaptive solution is built for companies that need a nimble, efficient, and scalable supply chain, while ensuring execution excellence. SOLOCHAIN WMS is listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems and has been performing in over 500 warehouses across North America.

Thanks to automated warehouse operations, SOLOCHAIN helps optimize the picking, packing and parcel shipping phases, critical components of a successful e-commerce business. Significant time and cost savings are achieved during order processing, while errors are minimized. Improved order fulfillment means responding quickly to customer expectations for their online purchases, and acquiring new business via the e-commerce channel.

Expansion and Business Growth: Companies are choosing Emblem for their exclusive product distribution because it is committed to supporting its clients’ business growth and distribution needs, as well as to providing an outstanding customer experience. Regardless of company size, Emblem can handle the inventory, exceeding industry standards in terms of both accuracy and speed.

Aaron Leblanc VP of Operations, TLS – Emblem Logistics

“A long-term client approached us looking for a Direct to Consumer (D2C) solution in order to get their product to consumers across Canada. Luckily, we had recently implemented SOLOCHAIN from Generix. With the participation of the amazing internal team at TLS/Emblem, combined with the experience and knowledge of the Generix team, we were confident we could meet our client’s requirements. Within a few short weeks, we were live shipping packages across Canada. The customers and the clients were both extremely happy with the results”.

Ludovic Luzza General Manager Generix Group North America

“We are proud that the leading 3PL, TLS Emblem, selected SOLOCHAIN WMS to manage e-commerce logistics. Tools like this are essential for companies wishing to navigate the new business environment we live in, where e-commerce is playing an increasingly catalyst role in transforming business models and value chains for companies. Integrating SOLOCHAIN, and other technologies, will be a critical factor for the success and increased competitiveness of organizations in a post-pandemic context”.

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