Salvesen Logística

Entrusts the logistics of its shipping to Generix's TMS (Transport Management System)

Logistics & Supply Chain
Transport & logistics


Salvesen Logística presentation
Customized warehouse solution (WMS)
Transport solution (TMS)

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Electronic data interchange (EDI)
With the range of Multi-Company Collaboration products, Salvesen benefits from a unified integration system and B2B collaboration, allowing them to improve their productivity and efficiency and helping them to deploy their business processes beyond their borders, controlling their activities thanks to optimal visibility of their operations.
On the one hand, Salvesen Logistics required a standardised protocol for exchanging messages related to their transport logistics with all their clients. The best way of approaching this project was with electronic data interchange (EDI). Thanks to the Electronic Data Interchange System (EDI), they can now securely exchange any type of document (orders, shipping notices, invoices, etc.) with their network of clients, thus reaching more than 10,000 messages exchanged daily. In order to follow-up on all of the translations of messages performed, Salvesen also purchased a visualisation portal for real-time viewing of all translations or errors that might occur and enabling an immediate response time to solve them.
Regardless of the resource management system used, they can implement daily communication which is necessary to carry out their operations.
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