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Implements the Electronic Invoicing, with direct benefits in customer service



Brief introduction to RCI Bank and Services Portugal

With 40 years of activity in Portugal, RCI Bank and Services is a reference in the offer of services and financing products for the automotive sector. It is part of the Renault group, providing to the clients of the brand solutions of Leasing, Credit and Car Insurance. In line with the Renault group's commitment to environmentally friendly vehicles, RCI is a driver of access to sustainable mobility without mandatory ownership, in Portugal and in the other countries where it operates.

Due to its status of large company, RCI Bank & Services Portugal was legally required to adopt electronic invoicing in contracts with the Public Administration until December 31, 2020 (Decree-Law No. 14-A/2020, following the European Directive 2014/55/EU). The implementation of the Generix Invoice Services service allowed not only to meet legal obligations, but also to achieve a reduction in operating costs, reduce the ecological footprint and raise levels of customer service.

João Moreira
IT Director
RCI Bank and Services Portugal
"We have achieved very significant cost savings, with an average cost per digital document around 95% lower than before. All companies will ultimately save by switching from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing."
João Moreira
IT Director
RCI Bank and Services Portugal

Key figures

The project in details

To implement a customized solution for electronic invoicing

In a context of increasing digitalization of customer operations and in regards with the upcoming legally defined deadlines for the adoption of electronic invoicing in contracts with the Public Administration, RCI Bank and Services Portugal took the opportunity to implement a solution that would allow them to comply with the legislation, but also reduce the ecological footprint and increase efficiency in sharing documents with their customers.

The implementation of the Generix Invoice Services solution allowed the company to respond to these objectives, providing two types of electronic invoices:

  • EDI CIUS-PT format (EDI format adopted by the Public Administration)
  • Certified PDF format, depending on the type of client

All this without neglecting, in a customized manner, the integration with the existing RCI platform for access to the financial documents issued. The integration with the Generix solution allowed us to bring new possibilities and tools to the platform, such as the inclusion of an invoice search by license plate number in the repository of electronic invoices, which facilitates customer support.

"We already had a long-standing relationship with Generix, which presented us with a very interesting proposal for the implementation of electronic invoicing", João Moreira, IT Director of RCI Bank and Services Portugal.

More than a new electronic invoicing format, a tool at the service of customer satisfaction

The adoption of the new solution was not just a technical process, but led to changes in internal processes - especially because, being a financial sector company, these are changes that involve contractual issues: from changes in the financing simulation platform to the creation of a document for the client to accept the change to electronic invoicing. In terms of human resources, RCI Bank and Services Portugal estimates that 90% of employees have easily adapted to the new technological tools.

The Generix Invoice Services solution is currently used by more than 20 employees, in three different departments: IT, Accounting and Customer Experience.
It is precisely in the aspect of customer experience that, from the perspective of RCI Bank and Services Portugal, lie the main differentiating advantages of the Generix Invoice Services solution. Particularly at two levels - control and analysis - which allow greater traceability of customer access to documents and a greater basis for analysis of occurrences, for a more effective customer support.

Other improvements in the service include the presentation of documents (more attractive layout, including sending by e-mail) and the ability to respond more quickly (and with less burden on the teams) to requests for invoices for the entire fiscal year, which can now be downloaded easily by the customer himself with the Invoice Manager service provided by Generix Group.

"The ability to understand if the customer is receiving and opening invoices adds a lot of value to the company. We now have a proactive attitude in understanding what is happening with each customer, which translates into service improvement", João Moreira, IT Director, RCI Bank and Services Portugal

Key benefits identified by RCI Bank and Services
  • Implementation of 100% electronic invoices, in several formats;
  • Elimination of costs with paper invoicing;
  • Reduction of the ecological footprint;
  • Compliance with the legal obligations of electronic invoicing in the Public Administration;
  • Custom integration with existing platforms for access to document archive;
  • No need for investment in additional software or hardware (SaaS model);
  • Improved customer service, with greater control and traceability of invoices;
  • Potential increase in cash flow, with shorter payment cycles (the process becomes faster: from issuing the invoice to customer approval)
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